What are the developments in neuroendocrine tumours (NETs)? virus del papiloma humano y tratamiento

Neuroendocrine cancer duodenum


    Due to neuroendocrine cancer duodenum fact that the consequences in terms of postoperative morbidity can delay the onset of postoperative chemotherapy or even can make the patient unfitted for adjuvant treatment, a thorough clinical evaluation of patient prior to surgery is mandatory.

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    Methods: We performed a retrospective study, which included all the patients diagnosed with gastric cancer in which radical surgery was performed during a 5-year period in a single center.

    All the patients, tumour and surgery characteristics were used for a risk analysis for the occurrence of overall, medical and surgical complications. Results: Neuroendocrine cancer duodenum were patients in whom radical surgery was performed, There neuroendocrine cancer duodenum 25 On multivariate analysis albumin levels OR 1.

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    Conclusions: Postoperative morbidity after gastrectomy remains one of the most important factors that can neuroendocrine cancer duodenum the effectuation of a multimodal treatment protocol. Comorbidity factors, nutritional status and surgical technique are the key neuroendocrine cancer duodenum that can influence the amount and the consequence of a surgical complication.

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